Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tool # 9 Incorporating Classroom- Based Devices

(1) So that students can be more engaged in the lessons that teach the objective, so that students can use various ways in which to explain and complete the objective, more hands on activities, so they can learn different applications while learning the objective.

(2) Students need to be held accountable because as teachers we are trying to find new and unique ways in which students can learn, we are doing this over the summer, spending alot of time and resources, and trying to ehgage students in new and exciting ways. Someweher along the line, students have to meet us at some level, they heed to understand that technology is only as good as the group or people that are using it, and while social and other forms of media might be fun, computers are not just toys to play with.

(3) Learning games for kids seemed like a site I could use for introduction, first week classes to get studnets back into keyboarding as many of my lessons require minimum keyboarding standards. Racing and minimum WPS could be established with students showing that they have mastered that minimum. Really liked "Crackerjacks and Peanuts" in Thinkfinity, this seems like a good reinforcement activity for economics terms and lessons.

(4) N/A

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