Monday, June 25, 2012

Tool # 7 Reaching Outside Your Classroom

 My project would include the defense/prosecution of a famous trial (The Ramsey trial for instance) the students woould have to research the case, look at all the evidence, and collaboratively create a defense or prosecution for the trial based on the information they obtain.

(1) The objective would be for the students to understand basic courtroom procedures, how evidence is used in a trial, and the different types of murder crimes.

(2) I would implement this during courtroom procedures and crimes studies, or as a summation for the semester.

(3) I would definitely use Google docs for written and edited collaboration and, perhaps OVOO for a "Mock Trial" collaboration between various classrooms.

(4) This could be with other classrooms, or different classes in my school...


  1. Great I hope this works out for you as a lesson.