Monday, June 25, 2012

Tool #6 Using Web Tools to Promote Discussion

Slander vs Libel

Watch this video and discuss the difference between the two concepts, how are they the same? Do you feell like this is a crime? Would you care if someone did this to you, why? What do you think is worse what someone says or what they write?

Directions: Read the information and answer in complete sentences. Make sure you cover the information that is requested to the best of your abilities. Remember to try and give quality answers.

(1)   Discuss a situation where you were involved in a conflict with someone. How did listening, the communication process, confidence and body language play a part in how the conflict started, and how the conflict was settled. Did anyone win or was compromise involved in settling the situation. If you had it to do over again, how do you feel you could use some of the information you learned to produce a better result?
This could be used for students to share experiences, discuss various solutions to a problem, and collaborate on best practices and adding to or editing answers to the best of their abilities.

These could be encouraged for class participation, but I have a program entitled Angel that already has discussions and blogs that I have created, and lessons attached to it so I would probably stay with that format as the Instructor and students are used to this program and format at the present time.

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