Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tool # 3 Online Video and Image resources

I really like Discovery Education, I teach many different subjects within the Business Realm and it allows me to narrow my subjects for content specific information. It also is broken into segments so I can just get what part of the specific video that I need. I also use TouTube alot and with the addition of Tube chop and snip it, I will be able to get more content specific with these videos.

How Money is Made

I really like this video for showing how currency is created in the US.

Ethics in the Workplace

This video is really funny but teaches the students about ethics and has some interesting statistics at the end

I liked the "Harry Potter Can Use" symbols to remind us of the different sources and the ways in which they can be used, as well as the limitations that are placed on some usage. I was not fully aware of the complexities involved in copyright use and feel it is important to inform the students on the basic fundamentals regarding this subject. The Disney video seems like a good starting point for discussion and entertaining.

I created a Dropbox account and added some files to it. I can use this especially when I'm at home and using my desktop, go to school and need to access the files from home, this would also be good when I'm mibile and using different devices.

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