Monday, June 18, 2012

Tool 2Blogging and Commenting

I would like to use this game for application and review of Law terms

Jeopardy Game

I think there is good and bad in putting your thoughts and information out to the public, on the one had, by sharing your information you can be helping others who would maybe not have access or the ideas that you have to share. On the other hand privacy issues can cause concern with the individual and as this becomes more prevalent in society, could bring up other issues that might have to be dealt with.


  1. I think these are very relevant and important issues. Also, these need to be discussed with your students. Great job.

  2. I like the idea of taking care of privacy rights and being extremely careful with information, but I think as long as we focused on what the tools are designed for (quality instruction), we will automatically avoid things that could cause harm to our children or families. I feel like words like privacy and rights always keeps us as educators in a box and reluctant to take educational risk.