Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tool # 11 - Self Reflection

(1) Some of the personal tolls I will use is Go Animate and Comix. I believe these are easy to incorporate tools that are fun applications but can be used as learning tools, especially when students present finished products to the class. I use Angel to teach a variety of classes simultaneously so after certain concepts, these applications can be used for comprehension and analysis, they can present their animation to the class and using a rubrick and discussions, teacher can discuss and analyze findings with the class. Students can also post blogs regarding the information from the applications and discuss 24/7 what they see and have learned.

(2) I feel the need to change certain aspects of my classroom, fortunately, I've been incorporatingf technology into my classroom for some time. I learned tgo create websites when they first came out, learned video editing on my own for incorporation into my clasroom. I have been incorporating technology at many levels and believe it's an ongoing process. The one thing I can say is don't try to do too many things at once, it's like multitasking, you probably will not wind up doing any one thing well.

(3) I was not aware of all the "tools" that were available, actually I knoew there were alot, but specifically, it's nice to be able to try some of them and see exactly how they work, this will certainly help me use these tools throughout the year.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tool # 10 Digital Citizenship

(1) One thing I would make clear is that words, whether written, spoken need to be thought out before they are put out there. Rude, obnoxious, inappropriate comments, cyberbullying will not be permitted, those that do, should lose the priviledge of using technology to express themselves if it's for this purpose. Helping and complimenting one another, especiallly in group situations is something that should be learned, and practiced.
Staying on task, and helping others to stay on task, helps teachers respect and feel more confident in allowing students to explore more applications and activities.

(2) I will use some of Vicki Davis digital citizenship chart and blog with my students to understand the concepts and information needed to be good citizens and the understanding that sources need to be validated. We know that the majority of students we have use the internet, it's how they use it, and what they do with the information that is essential.

(3) I would use alot of examples wirh specifics within the overall parameters that are established for citizenship to get my students to understand right from wrong, appropriate from inappropriate, and the cause and effect from doing the wrong thing. They could use applications to give inappropriate scenarios like goanimate or comix for hypotheticals involving synchronous discussions, cyberbulling, unvalidated resources. palgarism, etc. The examples could serve as a foundation and promote further discussion.

(4) I would send out information to parents along with "tips" and "examples" of digital etiquette, citizenship. I would ask the parents to lay the foundation by being examples to their kids about right and wrong, and discuss with their kids what they are doing, applications, and perhaps promote ideas of their own.

Tool # 9 Incorporating Classroom- Based Devices

(1) So that students can be more engaged in the lessons that teach the objective, so that students can use various ways in which to explain and complete the objective, more hands on activities, so they can learn different applications while learning the objective.

(2) Students need to be held accountable because as teachers we are trying to find new and unique ways in which students can learn, we are doing this over the summer, spending alot of time and resources, and trying to ehgage students in new and exciting ways. Someweher along the line, students have to meet us at some level, they heed to understand that technology is only as good as the group or people that are using it, and while social and other forms of media might be fun, computers are not just toys to play with.

(3) Learning games for kids seemed like a site I could use for introduction, first week classes to get studnets back into keyboarding as many of my lessons require minimum keyboarding standards. Racing and minimum WPS could be established with students showing that they have mastered that minimum. Really liked "Crackerjacks and Peanuts" in Thinkfinity, this seems like a good reinforcement activity for economics terms and lessons.

(4) N/A

(5) N/A

Monday, June 25, 2012

Tool # 8 Taking a Look at the Tools

(1) I will not be receiving an IPAd or IPod, I'm also not an art teacher so most of the new tolls will not be accessible to me. My students have had netbooks in the classroom for the last 2 years so I feel that I have a pretty good idea about guidelines regarding netbooks in the classroom.

(2) One of the first things I would sugget to instructors is set guidelines regarding media and social networking sites, if facebook, twitter, my space is not part of the lesson, make sure students understand that these sites are off limits during instructional time. If students are working in groups or collarborating, make sure they have specific instructions and responsibilities, for each student, if not, alot of time can be wasted doing redundant tasks.Last of all, have some consequences for students that continously go to social networking sites. Some students will spend all their and your time on these sites and you will constantly be redirecting them to stay on task, they need to understand that available technology is a privilege, not a right.

Tool # 7 Reaching Outside Your Classroom

 My project would include the defense/prosecution of a famous trial (The Ramsey trial for instance) the students woould have to research the case, look at all the evidence, and collaboratively create a defense or prosecution for the trial based on the information they obtain.

(1) The objective would be for the students to understand basic courtroom procedures, how evidence is used in a trial, and the different types of murder crimes.

(2) I would implement this during courtroom procedures and crimes studies, or as a summation for the semester.

(3) I would definitely use Google docs for written and edited collaboration and, perhaps OVOO for a "Mock Trial" collaboration between various classrooms.

(4) This could be with other classrooms, or different classes in my school...

Tool #6 Using Web Tools to Promote Discussion

Slander vs Libel

Watch this video and discuss the difference between the two concepts, how are they the same? Do you feell like this is a crime? Would you care if someone did this to you, why? What do you think is worse what someone says or what they write?

Directions: Read the information and answer in complete sentences. Make sure you cover the information that is requested to the best of your abilities. Remember to try and give quality answers.

(1)   Discuss a situation where you were involved in a conflict with someone. How did listening, the communication process, confidence and body language play a part in how the conflict started, and how the conflict was settled. Did anyone win or was compromise involved in settling the situation. If you had it to do over again, how do you feel you could use some of the information you learned to produce a better result?
This could be used for students to share experiences, discuss various solutions to a problem, and collaborate on best practices and adding to or editing answers to the best of their abilities.

These could be encouraged for class participation, but I have a program entitled Angel that already has discussions and blogs that I have created, and lessons attached to it so I would probably stay with that format as the Instructor and students are used to this program and format at the present time.

Tool #5 Producing with Web 2.0

 Here is a sample from Comixs.com, I believe this would be a good way for students to create lessons involving new terms or concepts, like Business Law, comparing a "crime" with a "tort" . They could share the lesson with the class for knowledge and reinforfcement.

The next program I used was GoAnimate, I created a Talk show with the host, Mitt Romney, and President Obama, they were talking about how to fix the economy. This is another fun program that could be used for
Concepts, persuasion, lesson reinforcement, terminology, and informative lessons.